our Facilities

This is some of our facilities.

College Library

We have an E-Library and Reference hall adjacent to the main Library with a Mission

To provide every individual a chance to access information through Books, Journals, periodicals, News papers and E-resources;
Assisting the Faculty and students in preparing course materials
Acquisition, processing storage and dissemination of documents related to academic matters.

The normal functioning of the library is assisted and governed by a library committee consisting of three months senior faculties with Principal as the Chairman . The library committee meeting are periodically and the requirements / improvements reviewed for further streamlining .The library functions are on all working days except on Government Holidays. The lending section functions from 9.00 to 4.00

Computer Lab

We have a specious Computer Lab with internet facility. Students can avail the facility on all working days.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

One Unit of National Service Scheme (NSS) of M.G. University with No:151 is functioning in our college with 50 volunteers . This unit has two types of activities - Regular & Special Camping Programmes and also engaged in Community Development Activities in and around the college. Volunteers attending the Mini Camp & Special Camp are eligible for Grace Marks in the University Examinations. Our college also conducts Special Programmes like Fast a Meal & Feast a Friend, Ente veetil Ente Pachakari, Tree Plantation and Blood Donation etc every year.

NSS Programme Officer Asst.Prof. JiJi Varghese Dept. of Commerce

Parent Teachers Association

The Parent Teacher Association of the College keeps a crucial role in keeping track of the Academic activities of the College. Its meetings are held regularly to obtain the feedback from students and their guardians regarding the academic standards of the Institution . The PTA is governed by an Executive Committee whose members are elected from among the Class Representatives. Staff Coordinator Smt. Veena Giri

Physical Education

This section is actively involved in promoting various Team and Individual Sports. This include Football, Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Badminton in which College has been regularly participating in intra and inter collegiate and inter University Championship. This section has endeared itself in creating awareness in the role of physical health and healthy living among the youth.

NCC Army & Naval Wings

Since its beginning in 1948, the NCC has been relentlessly working to promote the values of character, patriotism, unity selfless service among young boys and girls. The NCC cadets have made notable contributions, particularly in promoting social causes such as spreading literacy, women empowerment and in generating the opportunities of employment ,weightage of marks is given to NCC cadets in recruitment in Armed forces, some paramilitary forces like BSF,CRPF,CISF,ITBP and the Coast Guard, Dept . of Telecommunications. NCC cadets are given weightage in admission to various academic and educational institutions like polytechnics , ITI’S Engineering, Medicine. In addition to scholarships to meritorious NCC cadets they are also being given cash prizes ,medals, trophies and commendations from high dignitaries like Governor and Chief Ministers of state. NCC has a unique youth exchange program with youth organisations and NCC of nine countries under which selected cadets have an opportunity to visit countries like Australia, IK, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Maldives, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.


Our college has a sub unit of NCC Army Wing under the command of 22 Kerala Battalion, NCC, Eloor. At present the total cadet strength of the college unit is 108.

In addition, we have a Sub Unit NCC Naval Wing under the command of 7 (Kerala) Naval Unit NCC, Kochi. The total cadet strength of the Naval Sub Unit of our college is 50.

ST.ANN’S COLLEGE,ANGAMALY has added yet another Golden Feather to its cap by commencing NCC Activities. This sub unit is affiliated to 22 Kerala Battalion NCC, Eloor. The Enrollment process has commenced by the guidance from the Battalion. By joining the NCC, cadets will be eligible to obtain grace mark for higher studies and they may get preference to recruitment in various Departments like Police Force, Fire Force, Excise, Forest and Public Sector undertakings.

NCC Officer of the College: Asst.Prof. Ashna Gopal Dept. of Commerce




7 KERALA NAVAL UNIT NCC,ERNAKULAM has given permission to commence NAVAL NCC Activities in our college by sanctioning one Sub Unit. Students can enroll in the NCC NAVAL UNIT as a cadet and will be eligible to obtain grace marks for higher studies. They will get preference to recruitment in various Departments like Police Force, Fire Force, Excise, Forest and Public Sector undertakings.

NCC Officer of the College Asst.Prof. Priya A.P Dept.Malayalam